GHS2024 is not just a typical conference; it’s a global movement that brings together professionals, researchers, and health enthusiasts to tackle some of the most urgent health challenges worldwide. We invite you to be part of this transformative event and make a lasting impact. With only THREE weeks remaining, we are actively seeking your submissions for Oral, Poster, Panel, or Workshop abstracts.

Time is running out to share your insights and research with the global health security community. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity

Any participants from low-income or low-middle income countries as per the DAC list are encouraged to apply. We believe that your expertise should be accessible to all, regardless of geographical or financial constraints.

Complete these steps by the submission deadline, to have your travel bursary application considered:

  1. Verify your financial eligibility for the travel bursary. Check the DAC List for low or low-middle income qualifying countries.
  2. Submit an abstract/panel presentation through the portal as a requirement for the bursary application.
  3. Keep your abstract submission confirmation code handy (e.g., AZYNN9YB69) from the email you’ll receive, as it provides access to the travel bursary portal.
  4. Access the travel bursary portal, re-register, and provide the necessary information:  
  • Anticipated travel costs to GHS2024.
  • Explain how your attendance at GHS2024 will benefit your work and collaboration with colleagues in low/low-middle income countries.
  • Submit your current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • Include a letter of endorsement from your employer, department head or local society.

To learn more about the travel bursary application process and eligibility, click here.

Abstract & Travel Bursary Submission Deadline: November 19, 2023

Here’s why you should submit your abstract and attend GHS2024:

  • Unparalleled Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, experts, and global health leaders who share your passion and commitment to building a healthier world.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Gain insights from cutting-edge research, innovative projects, and unique perspectives on global health issues, helping you expand your horizons and stay at the forefront of the field.
  • Platform for Growth: Whether you’re an experienced expert or a budding researcher, GHS2024 provides a platform to showcase your ideas and contribute to the global health dialogue.
  • High-Impact Presentations: Selected abstracts will be presented in front of a global audience, allowing you to make a significant impact and receive constructive feedback from peers and experts.

Discover the diverse range of themes for GHS2024, covering various aspects of global health, and choose the one that resonates with your work for a more focused and impactful presentation.

For further details on abstract submission and explore themes that align with your research, click on the buttons below: