Speaker Guidelines

Global Health Security Conference
Dates : 18 June - 21 June
Location : ICC Sydney

Presenting an Oral at GHS2024?

Each panel is comprised of three (3) speakers and a moderator only.

As each panel is 50 minutes duration, each speaker will have approximately 8-10 minutes to present their paper. We ask that you respect this timeframe, so that there is sufficient time for questions and answers/audience engagement.

An additional 10 minutes has been built into the conference programme to allow for any final remarks or conversations, and to provide people with sufficient time to get to the next session.

We will connect you with the moderator for your session and your fellow panellists via email approximately 1-2 weeks from the start of the conference on Tuesday 18 June.

The assigned moderator will then discuss further specifics with you and your fellow panellists, including the order of presentations, key observations, etc.

Please note, a moderator will be assigned to your session.  You are not permitted to organise your own moderator.

Based on feedback from conference delegates attending GHS2019 and GHS2022, we strongly discourage using PowerPoint.  However, if the use of slides is critical for showcasing data or essential visuals we ask that you limit this to a maximum of 3 slides total.

If you do need to use visual presentation software, please notify your moderator so this can be taken into consideration in planning the order of presentations. Anyone providing slides will need to visit the Speakers Preparation room on the ground floor of ICC for uploading. The Speakers Preparation room will only be open during designated times to upload your slides.

Speakers Preparation Operating Hours

·        Tuesday 18 June – 6am-10am

·        Wednesday 19 June – 6am-10am

·        Thursday 20 June – 6am -10am

·        Friday 21 June – 6am-10am

In order to ensure that your presentation is available for your session, you MUST upload this during any of the above times. You will not be able to upload inside the room at any point, there will be no exceptions from this rule. To ensure that your presentation is sent to the room ready for your session you MUST visit speakers prep at least 1 hour prior to your session. If you are the first session in the morning, we recommend visiting speakers’ preparation the day before to avoid any delays due to possible queuing. Please use a USB stick and ensure it has been virus-checked with antivirus software prior to use. 

Presenting a Poster at GHS2024?

The poster presentations are an important and integral element of the GHS2024 conference programme.

To ensure your poster is given due prominence, the poster boards will be located in the exhibition hall (‘The Gallery’) where food and beverage is served during breaks.

Your poster will be displayed for one (1) full day of the conference, on either the Tuesday (18 June), Wednesday (19 June) or Thursday (20 June).

Posters can be displayed from 0730hrs (7.30am) until 1800hrs (6pm) on the day of your presentation.

Please ensure that you remove your poster at the end of the business day. Posters that have not been collected by 6pm will be removed to allow for new posters to be added. They will then be stored until 12pm the following day. If they have not been collected by 12pm the following day, they will be discarded.

We encourage you to stand close by your poster during coffee and meal breaks on the day of your presentation so that you can answer any questions.

To encourage more engagement, you are also invited to record a short video discussing your poster. These presentations will be made available via the GHS2024 conference app so that delegates can hear about your work both during and after the conference has ended.

Please ensure your video does not exceed five (5) minutes length.

Once you have recorded your video, please upload it to this folder:


We will then covert the file into a format that can be supported by the conference app.

Please make sure when uploading into the Dropbox that you name the file with your full name and poster number (your poster number can be found above). For example:

First Name_Last Name_Poster1

We will then covert the file into a format that can be supported by the conference app.

ALL videos must be submitted no later than 1 June 2024 11.59pm AEST. Any late submissions will not be accepted.

Poster Requirements

All posters must be printed on A0 sized paper or card (33.11×46.81 inches or 841×1189 millimetres).

Please ensure that you use a minimum of 16-point font for text, as font smaller than this size will prove too difficult to read once the poster is printed.

Your poster must be designed in portrait or vertical orientation only. Please do not design your poster in landscape or a horizontal orientation as the poster boards will not be able to accommodate.

We encourage you to use a range of colours, images and fonts to make your poster as eye-catching as possible.

Velcro dots will be available at the registration desk for poster presenters to use.


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