If you are planning to apply for a travel bursary to attend GHS2024, we want to inform you about the key steps that need to be followed when applying. Please take note of the following steps below:

Step 1: Verify that you do not have independent financial means to attend the conference. This is an important criterion for the travel bursary application. Any participants from low-income or low-middle income countries as per the DAC list are encouraged to apply. To check the list click here or the button below:

Step 2: Submit an abstract/panel presentation through the relevant portal. This step is crucial as it is one of the requirements for the travel bursary application process.
Step 3: When you receive your abstract/panel submission confirmation code (e.g., AZYNN9YB69) in the submission confirmation email, make sure to keep it handy for the next step. Please also note that the abstract confirmation email will give you access to the travel bursary portal.
Step 4: Proceed to the travel bursary portal and re-register. This step is necessary to complete your application for the travel bursary. You will then be required to fill out the necessary information in the portal. Including the following:
  • Provide the anticipated costs of your travel to GHS2024. This information will help us assess your financial needs accurately.
  • Include a statement explaining how your attendance at GHS2024 will benefit your work and encourage collaboration with colleagues in low and/or middle-income countries. This statement should highlight the potential impact of your participation in the conference.
  • Submit your most current curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Provide a letter of endorsement from your employer, Head of University department, or local society. This letter should confirm your ability to attend the conference and support your application for the travel bursary.
Following these steps diligently will ensure that your travel bursary application is complete and considered for review.
A reminder that the submission deadline is 19 November 2023 11.59PM AEST.